shown throughout the report


The choices made by the group will be shown throughout the report and will be shown with reasoning behind those choices, so as the customer will be put in the front seat, the user experience is the most important thing about this new website. This project’s main purpose is to make three different webshops into one webshop only. Research has shown that a lot of people order food from the wrong restaurant which means they don’t get their order. Or the client needs to call all restaurants to sort out all orders every weekend. 

We have, therefore, made it our main job to find out how to make one single website for three different shops in three different cities. With different types of research we have come up with a plan for how to design the website, but also how to get the clients more customers in one website only.  The solution is, therefore, a website with three webshops where it’s designed with one purpose only, to make customers aware of the different webshops, and make it as user friendly as possible. With the new design for a website in wordpress we have come up with a solution where the client can change menu, new information or even new pictures. 

The website is designed in wordpress because it also needs to be user friendly for the client, when they have new products or different information for each restaurant.  By making three different webshops in one website only, we have made it possible for the client to know where the food needs to be made, and for which customersIf you order from one webshop now, only one restaurant gets the order.